Yeastar TA800 Gateway

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Yeastar TA800 features 8 FXS ports for analog phones and is designed to meet various demands of IP applications. The powerful features and robust performance simplify the integration of legacy phone system and IP-based system.


  • 4/8/FXS ports
  • Advanced and flexible calling rules
  • Reliable fax performance with T.38
  • High-quality voice compression with industry standard codecs
  • Line echo cancellation for 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 ms echo delays
  • Support various methods to light up the Message Waiting Indicator
  • Web-based GUI for easy configuration and management
  • Manage customer-premised gateway remotely and securely
  • Interoperable with a wide range of legacy and IP equipment


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TRUST code: 12393
Description: Yeastar TA800 Gateway

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