Panasonic has been the UK market leader in small to medium telephone systems for over 10 years. Every product in Panasonic's Communications Platforms range has been designed to enhance business communications by reducing call costs, simplifying administration, and improving functionality.


Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses, expandable from 6 to 288 extensions with, the KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a small system with the ability to manage big future growth. Offering cost-effective installation and operation with built-in applications including call centre solution, mobile solution, and voicemail.

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The perfect solution for:

The Office

The KX-NS700 incorporates mobile telephony, desk-based phones, and highly configurable voicemail systems to ensure that staff stay connected, wherever they’re working. These combined, improve functionality, reduce costs, simplify administration and enhance customer service.


The KX-NS700 is a solution that allows staff to access easy-to-use technology and remain in constant contact with other team members and patients or residents, wherever they are. Equally valuable is its ability to integrate with existing care applications, such as emergency call systems.


The KX-NS700 offers both comprehensive system management, PC integration and the flexibility to provide mobile communications throughout any business, allowing staff to work more efficiently than ever before and customers enjoy a more convenient, comfortable experience.

NEW KX-NT 600 Series IP Handsets

For any business looking for a clear view of its communications information, the new KX-NT600 Series of IP handsets provides the perfect answer. Along with crystal-clear voice quality and echo cancellation, user-friendly interface, presence indication and wireless headset support, the phones offer a colour LCD screen with simple-to-understand icons, displaying every detail in sharp detail

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Featured Products

See below some of our best selling products from the Panasonic NS Series. Click here to view the full range.

Product Name
KX-NS0154CE 4 Channel Dect IP-CS
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KXTCA185 Dect
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KX-NS1000UK NS1000 Main Unit
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NS1000-UCC300UK UCC Pack
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KX-NS1000 Telephone System

Based on the IP and SIP protocols, the KX-NS1000 offers a high level of flexibility and can be integrated into existing infrastructure. Thanks to the modular architecture, the system can be tailored to suit any business' requirements – regardless of whether it’s to be used in a small office with two people or a large company with several locations.

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The perfect solution for:


The powerful and adaptable features that the KX-NS1000 provides are all that you need to keep in contact with and manage existing and prospective customers - such as the ability to integrate into the many CRM databases.


The SIP functions of the KX-NS1000 offer a simple way for you to provide terminals across multiple campus locations. Integrating DECT and mobile phones means employees can always be reached - no matter where they are on the site.


The KX-NS1000 provides reliable mobile communication, enhanced call routing options and flexible integration with computers. These features make it the ideal solution, as it can easily be integrated into existing database technology and systems used in the healthcare industry.

Software Applications

Panasonic appreciates that every call into your business is important, and any missed call is potentially lost revenue. With this in mind, they have forged global relationships with some of the best and most imaginative business application developers in the industry.

This means they have a full suite of software solutions designed to not only improve your communications efficiency, but also its profitability.

  • A modular suite of customer experience solutions
  • CRM, applications and business process integration
  • Reporting & dashboards, business intelligence
  • Inbound and outbound omni-channel contact centre
  • Compliant with GDPR, PCI DSS, MIFID and more


The KX-NSX helps companies provide a great overall customer experience by delivering the next generation communication system that meets today’s flexible workforce and increased customer demands.

  • Capable of accommodating up to 2000 IP extensions
  • Remote system maintenance can be performed via a secure connection
  • UC Pro integration connects multiple devices such as desktops and mobiles
  • Full Multi-Cell DECT system support
  • Supports Mobile Phone Integration (App)

NSX Features

My Portal

Access the web-based user interface to change and customise settings without knowing the PBX-specific feature number.

Multi-connection system

Connect with up to 2,000 users across 32 sites for seamless internal communication at reduced costs.

Centralised management

Remotely manage your users from a single site using IP networking to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. 

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