With their passion for science and love for art, Ajax made a security system people want to use. Ajax combines aesthetic design, signature communication technologies, and cutting-edge software, giving a simple way for controlling the protection of property and loved ones.

About Ajax Systems

The Ajax security system is easy to install in your apartment, home, or office. By choosing Ajax, you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper-resistant, and responds instantly to attacks.

The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe

Ajax received prestigious awards at the most significant professional conferences and expos around the world. On top of that, the system earned the highest reliability grade available for the wireless security systems after testing in five independent laboratories.


Know-how radio technology for stable communication with detectors over long distance

Connects devices up to 2,000 meters away

Transmits alarms from detectors to the hub within 0.15s

Increases detector battery life — devices can operate for up to 7 years without a battery replacement

Encrypts data at every step with a floating key encryption algorithm

Detects radio jamming and interference

Why use a security system

To deter thieves

Ajax detectors immediately notice door opening, glass breaking, and motion. And if something threatens your life, click the Button to call for help.

To prevent fires and poisoning

The system immediately notifies you of smoke, suspicious rises in temperature, or dangerous levels of the invisible carbon monoxide poison. And the loud sirens built inside the fire detectors can wake up even a heavy sleeper.

To stop flooding

Protect your floors, carpets, and furniture from water leaks. Get notified if a pipe breaks or a dishwasher starts to leak. Use scenarios to configure an automatic water shut-off.

No intruder will go undetected

Ajax detectors identify and alert of intrusions within less than a second. The devices are equipped with digital algorithms and multi-factor models for threat detection, and to top it off, the possibility of a false alarm is ruled out

  • Indoor protection
  • Outdoor protection

Protect against fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

Ajax quickly recognizes the first signs of a fire: smoke or sharply increased temperature when the fire is burning without smoke. Additionally, the CO detector sends an alarm before carbon monoxide levels become life-threatening.
  • The HazeFlow digital algorithm monitors smoke levels before sending an alarm
  • The smoke sensor and sirens can be tested by pressing a button on the device or through the mobile app

Not one drop of a problem

Ajax sends an alert at the first sign of moisture and cancels it as soon as the water dries. Detectors are designed to operate in tough conditions to prevent water damage: they are corrosion-resistant and protected from dust and moisture ingress.
  • No tools are needed for installation — just set the detectors on the floor
  • The compact dimensions allow the detector to be installed under washing machines and dishwashers

Installation is a breeze

Ajax was created to be practical. Installation requires a smartphone, basic tools and minimal time. This makes the system useful for both homeowners and renters, since the system can move with you to a new home.

Detectors are connected using a QR-code and few taps in the app

No device disassembly required

Batteries and installation hardware are included

Full security management in your smartphone

Even while sipping cocktails on a tropical island, you can still keep an eye on your home with Ajax. The push-notifications update you on when the children come home or how long the cleaning company stayed in the space. At any moment you can connect to the security cameras and check whether the stove is off or how is the dog doing. In case of emergency, the hub will give you a call, send a push-notification, and SMS. You won’t miss a single alarm!
  • Remote control and management
  • Three types of notifications: push, SMS, calls
  • Access to security cameras
  • Reminders to arm the system

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