Created by 3Fiftynine, CardBoardCX is the accurate visualisation of customer experience subdivided into graphs, figures and images that are essential for your call centre agents.

Designed to compliment Mitel Contact Center, CardBoardCX aim to do everything to raise the Customer and Agent experience to the highest level. With tailor-made, easy-to-use, and beautifully designed software.

As CX experts, they know performance is vital to your business. CardBoardCX continuously provides key information of the customer experience your contact centre creates. 

  • Completely customizable
  • Real-time monitoring of important data
  • Intervene directly when needed in order to e.g. reduce queues

What Makes CardBoardCX Different?

Uses an API

Use the API (MiCC Business, PureConnect, or PureCloud) to display the statistics you need.

ISO certified

Data is treated with privacy, security and integrity in mind; they never collect or store your statistics.


Unlimited adjustments of your display and duplicate on different screens free of charge.

Key Features:


Show the key performance indicators of your contact center. Nobody knows what that is better than you, so choose them yourself.


Create your own informative wall display: you decide not only what you want to display, but also how you show it. Use charts, numbers and images to design your dashboards.


With the real-time information that CardBoard displays, you have all your essential data and statistics at your fingertips for everyone in your company.


CardBoard connects to multiple customer experience platforms such as Genesys PureConnect / PureCloud and Mitel MiCC Business, and can be viewed on both displays and mobile devices.


With CardBoard, you can adjust the display in real-time at any time. This way you can be sure that the data shown always matters.


With CardBoard, you can adjust the display in real-time at any time. This way you can be sure that the data shown always matters.

New & Updated Features

The below details the new and updated features to CardBoard CX from the latest release.

Agent status overview
Always wanted to know what your team’s activity within a queue is? The newly added agent status overview card enables you to get a quick insight into which agents are doing what in the queues that are most important to you. Just pick and choose which statuses you’d want to zoom in on. It’s available in both the Queues and Queue Groups menu.

Red-Amber-Green agent statuses
What’s everybody doing? With the Agent Status card, you see what your team is up to, and there’s even a toggle that says 'Group agents by availability". When toggled on, the RAG status is added to the card, and statuses are sorted accordingly. If you want, you can pick and choose which statuses to include.

More tiles for more cards!
We converted the so-called ‘title bar’, where the name of your board is located, to tiles. This way, you can choose for yourself if you want to use that space for a board title, your company logo, or cards showing your KPIs.

Queue groups
Within your Mitel platform, queue groups can be configured. These are comprised of one or more queues that all send ACD calls to your agents. As of now, these queue groups are also available in CardBoardCX, to help you monitor groups of queues to ensure your KPIs are being met. You can activate queue groups in your connector in the same way you activate queues and agents and will find the option “Queue Groups” in your board editor on the right side of your screen when adding new cards. All the statistics you’re using for your queues are available for queue groups as well!

Agent status in demo boards
The Agent status card is one of the more widely used cards since its introduction. Surely you’ll be happy to hear that from now on, that same card is available for your demo boards as well. Check out this board, for example!

Want to show some specific third-party information on your CardBoard? The Iframe card is the place to be. Just enter the URL and your CardBoard is now not only a single pane of glass that lets you look at your KPI’s, but include other sites/web apps well.

Activity monitoring in connectors
Let’s face it: we’re in the contact center business. Things change on a daily basis – but isn’t that the charm of it all? CardBoard now monitors if queues and agents are still active, allowing you to keep a well-organized connector page.

You might not have even noticed them, but there were some minor issues we fixed in this release. For example, the clock card wasn’t always running on time, and agent names could be displayed more than once in certain situations. That’s no longer an issue!

Want to know more about the CardBoard CX?

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