VTech is the world’s leading manufacturer of corded and cordless telephones for the hospitality, business and residential markets.

Why VTech?

#1 Cordless Phone Manufacturer in the World

30+ Years of Experience

41 Million Handsets Shipped

The VTech Advantage

When you choose VTech phones for your customers, you can count on world-class service and support, market-leading engineering and the greenest standards.

You can relax knowing that VTech understands what your guests want too. That’s thanks to more than 30 years of experience as the world’s leading manufacturer of cordless telephones.

VTech S2210

1-Line Contemporary SIP Corded Phone

The S2210’s contemporary style adds a touch of sophistication to the room while delivering all the features a guest expects for a pleasant stay. It’s 2nd Ethernet port can provide cabled internet access to guests even where there is only one network socket in the room.

VTech A2211

1-Line Contemporary Analogue Petite Phone

When space is at a premium, the A2211 is a choice. Smaller than a standard-size guest room phone, it fits discreetly into the room. Despite its small size, it’s full of features that accommodate the most demanding guests.

VTech S5410

The PMX is a high performance, stylish, state of the art, DECT cordless phone featuring a 3” touchscreen that adds a touch of elegance to guest rooms. The large touchscreen is easy to read and operate, allowing your guest to access vital functions at their fingertips, with the keypad serving as a supplement for simple dialing.

Where are our partners?

Trust Distribution is the official distributor of VTech Hospitality Phones for Europe.

We deal with resellers in the following countries:

Our Services

Faceplate Printing

A phone’s faceplate is there to promote the hotel’s facilities to your guests. Whether you’re looking to promote a brand name, fit in with a room’s décor, or meet exacting brand standards, we will help to create the ideal design.


Not only do we pre-program the memory keys on analogue phones, we also set them up technically to work with just about any telecoms infrastructure.


We keep a huge supply of power supplies and cords, so regardless of the telecommunication and network infrastructure in your customer's rooms we will provide the right connections.

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