produces studio quality AI voiceovers, empowering companies to craft customised phone system greetings, IVR recordings, and on-hold marketing messages with ease and speed. 

Create Strong Recurring Revenue for Your Business

Generate lifelike AI voices for Phone System Greetings and more with Gotalk ai Voice Studio

Previously, obtaining high-quality voiceovers often involved significant expenses – potentially ranging from hundreds to thousands of pounds. 

This solution from offers a fresh and uncomplicated alternative, with it's AI Voice Studio. This innovative tool eliminates the complexities of manual voiceover creation, allowing users to effortlessly craft natural-sounding, human-like voiceovers without the necessity of high-end equipment or professional assistance.

Recurring Revenue & Savings Calculator

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White Labelled User Interface

Level up your brand with the White Labelled User Interface can be fully white-labelled, allowing resellers to maintain their own branding while offering their clients top-tier, innovative voice solutions. This flexibility ensures that resellers can seamlessly integrate into their existing services, maintaining a consistent and professional brand image.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings on Traditional Recordings

Traditional voice recordings, while a mainstay in the telecom sector, accrue significant costs over time.’s software presents a cost-effective alternative.

Recurring Revenue Streams

Incorporating’s software into your portfolio enables you to establish a strong, recurring revenue model. This not only bolsters your financial health but also continuously adds value for your customers through regular software updates and enhancements.

Reduced Strain on Technical Resources

Reduced Strain on Technical Resources: Demand spikes during peak seasons like Christmas and Easter and can overextend technical resources. The platform allows your clients to be completely self-served! Meaning they can quickly and simply change their phone system messages whenever they like!

Innovative Selling Point

Differentiation is key in a competitive market, and offers a novel feature for sales teams to leverage. The software is easily demonstrable and provides tangible benefits, making it an attractive proposition for prospective customers seeking the latest solutions.

Main Features

  • Text 2 Speech
  • Music overlays
  • Over 120 voice options
  • Fine-tune elements like pitch, punctuation, emphasis, and speed
  • 50 different languages to choose from

Uses of Gotalk

Phone System Messages

For businesses looking to optimise their customer service experience, Gotalk is the ideal solution for IVR voice systems. Gotalk’s Text-to-Speech technology enables companies to create natural-sounding voice prompts and greetings for their IVR systems. 

YouTube Videos

YouTubers can easily convert their scripts into captivating voiceovers, captivating viewers by selecting voices with different accents, such as British, Australian, or American, that suit the topic and content of their videos.


Whether it’s educational content, tutorial videos, or corporate presentations, Gotalk’s high-quality voices can greatly enhance otherwise mundane presentations, making the content more engaging and impactful with lifelike AI voices.


Gotalk provides an ideal solution for crafting captivating advertisements. With its versatile voice options and customisable speech styles, Gotalk simplifies the ad creation process. It helps you create videos that stand out from the crowd.

Product Demos

With over 120 voice options at your disposal, Gotalk aids businesses in finding the perfect brand voice that fosters connections and trust with the audience. The quick turnaround time is also a boon for creating product demo videos with precise pronunciation, emphasis, and pauses in multiple languages.


> E-Learning and Explainer Videos

> Social Media Content

> Podcasts

...and many more, the possibilities are endless!

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