With over 23 years of manufacturing history, CertaUPS is perfectly placed to support the industry with industry leading warranties and technical support. All of the power protection solutions from CertaUPS have been designed and engineered to cope with the harsh electrical environments of not just today but also those of the future.

Why Choose CertaUPS


Superior manufacturing and component quality


Unmatched UPS system resilience and performance


23 years of manufacturing history

Single Phase UPS Systems

CertaUPS single phase ups systems have been designed exclusively to deliver industry-leading resilience. They are among the most highly sought after UPS solutions across all industry sectors

  • Unmatched superior resilience
  • 3 year warranty
  • Exceptional manufacturing and component quality
  • Leading edge monitoring software
  • Available UPS technologies from 800VA – 30kVA
  • Tower and rackmountable UPS systems

CertaUPS systems are ideal for a wide range of applications

CertaUPS have an extensive range of backup power systems that currently support numerous IT installations, IP based telecoms systems, operating theatres and 24/7 security environments.


Commercial Office

Information Technology


Public Sector



Featured Products

Product Name
Certa UPS C300R-015-B line interactive rackmount 1500VA
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Product Name
Certa UPS C400-010-B 1000VA
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Product Name
Certa UPS C550-100-C online double conversion 10kVA
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Product Name
Certa UPS C60-2000 line interactive 2000VA
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IoT Monitoring Software

By the simple download of an App, the CertaUPS UPS systems can be easily monitored in real time with testing and maintenance scheduling at your finger tips.

  • Monitor single or multiple CertaUPS UPS systems in one App
  • Free to install with no licensing costs
  • No complicated software
  • Secure cloud connection based on Microsoft Azure
  • Limitless centralised monitoring of multiple CertaUPS UPS systems
  • Group UPS by site and invite others to view the device status
  • Real time monitoring
  • Schedule testing
  • Easy management from a mobile phone
  • Push notifications

FREE Site Surveys

CertaUPS provide a free site survey which includes a thorough assessment of all the essential elements to determine a customer’s exact critical power protection needs, ensuring only the required equipment is purchased.

A typical site survey lasts between 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the installation size) and allows us to gather the information to offer precise recommendations and quotations after the site survey is complete.

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