Konftel pride themselves in producing eco-friendly conferencing solutions, delivering superb audio quality and effective collaboration.

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2 Year Warranty

Konftel offer complete peace of mind with their 2 year extended warranty

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Take advantage of unrivalled sound quality thanks to Konftel's groundbreaking OmniSound technology

True Conference Delight

Konftel 800

Hybrid conference phone with an intuitive interface. OmniSound® audio technology brings a natural sense of presence to the dialogue. Can easily be daisy-chained with three devices. Suits everything from small to really large meeting rooms. Konftel 800 brings true delight to all kinds of distance meetings.

Wireless IP telephony

Teaming the Konftel 300Wx and the Konftel IP DECT 10 is one of our most popular solutions, delivering wireless conference calls in HD quality via your IP telephony system (SIP). Each IP DECT base can handle up to 20 registered Konftel 300Wx devices and five ongoing calls.

Featured Konftel Products

Discover more about some of our bestselling Konftel conference phones.

Konftel EGO

The Konftel Ego is a personal speakerphone. It’s compact and portable and fits easily in your work bag, wherever you’re going. Despite its size, the Konftel Ego delivers crystal-clear sound thanks to our unique OmniSound® audio technology.

Meeting size: up to 6 people

Konftel 300IPx

The Konftel 300IPx together with the Konftel Unite app brings a whole new easiness to conference calls. It is highly intuitive and based on our natural mobile behavior. The new generation of IP conference phone is – The Art of Easiness.

Meeting size: more than 20 people

Konftel 55Wx

The Konftel 55Wx is a compact, high-performance speaker phone with patented OmniSound® audio technology. It delivers crystal-clear HD audio in a wide range of meeting scenarios, including wireless. The Konftel 55Wx is the all-in-one solution. So you can do things your way, fuss-free.

Compact Design. Big Performance. 

Konftel Cam10

The Konftel Cam10 is a business class webcam for desktop users who demand professional quality personal video meetings. Create an enhanced visual and audio experience with a wide 90 degree viewing angle, HD video output, dual microphones, and easy set-up. The portable Konftel Cam10 is your perfect home and traditional office companion, or for wherever you are working.

Conferencing Convenience

Konftel Personal Video Kit

The Konftel Personal Video Kit is designed for desktop users who demand professional quality video meetings. It includes the Konftel Cam10 business webcam and Konftel Ego professional speakerphone in a convenient package.

Konftel Product Videos

Konftel 300IPx - The Art of Easiness

Konftel Unite - Get started

Get to know the Konftel Ego

Discover more Konftel videos

You can find videos introducing products and a selections of quick start video guides across our product catalogue. Simply select a product of interest and explore.

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Video Conferencing

It’s time to add a face to the voice. Konftel Collaboration is a range of package solutions that make video conferencing in any type of meeting room incredibly easy and great value.

From small to large meeting rooms there is a video solution to fit any requirement and with Konftel's One Cable Connection, holding a face to face meeting without physically being in the same room has never been easier.

Find out more about the different solutions available

Try the interactive guide to find the perfect video solution

The struggle in finding the perfect video solution is finally over. Konftel’s interactive Room Type Guide is a super easy way to navigate the office environment to find the optimal solution for any type of room.

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