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On-Premise PBX

Offering small businesses to SME’s cost effective, modular solutions that keep teams and customers connected.

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Your Bridge to the Cloud Extend existing NEC phone systems with cloud-based voice via desktop and mobile apps creating a seamless all-in-one communications experience.

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Experience stress-free Cloud Communications A full suite of Cloud Services - Bring your teams and customers together on the #1 business communications platform.

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  1. COMMITMENT: A strong, long-standing commitment to the PBX
  2. STABILITY: Financially stable & global SME #1 for 6 consecutive years
  3. CHOICE: PBX, Hybrid and Cloud – at NEC we cover all bases

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Remote & Home Working Solutions

NEC provide a host of flexible home working options, no matter how spread out a workforce is operating.

UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Services

Wherever your business operates—the office, at home, on-site—it’s important that your people are equipped with the right tools to remain productive and the right measures are in place to keep them safe. Bring your teams and customers together on the #1 business communications platform.


Your Bridge to the Cloud

With UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT BRIDGE, you extend your existing NEC phone system, with cloud-based voice via desktop and mobile apps creating a seamless all-in-one communications experience. It allows you to collaborate in the office, at home, or anywhere in between with integrated video conferencing, chat, and file sharing/backup.

One communications platform. One low monthly payment.

Some of the solutions in more detail:

SP310 Softphone

Ideal for home and mobile workers who need access to full business communications.

  • Full-featured IP softphone with impressive high-quality audio
  • Provides the same functionalities as an NEC desktop phone – it’s like taking your desk phone with you
  • Full visibility of other users


Built-in Video Conferencing

  • Homeworking video conferencing solutions, document & screen sharing, up to 32 (8x4)  users
  • Uses secure WebRTC connectivity via a web browser
  • InUC provides further features including Presence, Instant Messaging & Call Status

ST500 Mobile Client

Make your smartphone your business phone

  • Enjoy voice mobile extension over WiFi for your smartphone or smart device
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Enable your team to use their own mobiles, iPads or tablets
  • Free WiFi business calls


Built on the back of the award-winning SV8100 technology, the SV9100 provides double the system capacity, yet is cost-effective from 10 to over 800 users.

Key features:

  • Feature-rich handsets
  • Works as a network across multiple locations/branches
  • Modular architecture for economical scalability – only pay for what is needed
  • Aggressively priced
  • Embedded applications including voicemail and anti-fraud guard
  • Mobile Extensions, with an easy to use application for iPhone and Android smartphones

Stay connected, from any location

The Office

During a working day, employees are actively in and out of meetings, moving around the office and other departments. The SV9100 helps them stay in touch and ensures calls are delivered regardless of location:

Hot desking – Allows handsets and desk space to be shared by a number of employees, helping keep costs down

Mobile Sales Team

Whether on-site or out in the field users will be able to stay in touch as easily as if they were in the office.

  • Mobile Extension – Allows a user to be contacted on a single number, regardless if a call is taken on their desk phone or mobile
  • Mobile calls – Can be recorded as you would a desk phone call


Users can enjoy a complete phone user experience from their home office plus greater working flexibility. Individual and business benefits include the cost and time savings of travel and even the associated costs of workspace.


The complete Call Management Solution for the SV9100 & SL2100

The MyCalls suite of applications includes call management, call centre management, call recording, and CTI. Designed to integrate seamlessly with NEC systems, MyCalls provides real-time information about every aspect of telephone use and performance.

SV9100 MyCalls Case Study

Discover how the SV9100 and MyCalls helped ease the pain of lengthy call queues, stressed staff and made ‘Manic Mondays’ a thing of the past.

Results include transformed customer service levels with reduced holding times, happier staff and cost savings for both the practice and the callers.

Our Best Selling NEC Products

Product Name
SL2100 12 Keys, Digital Multi-Line Terminal
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Product Name
SV9100 Enhanced Version 19" Starter Pack
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SL2100 CPU with 4 SIP trunks + 4 IP Extn 2hr InMail
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SV9100 MyCalls Call Manager Licence
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DT920 8 Key Self Labeling IP Phone
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SL2100 Main/Expansion Chassis - IP7WW-4KSU-C1
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DT530 12 Key Digital Phones
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DT920 6 Key IP Phone
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This unique platform is the ideal solution for any small business with 5 - 100+ users. The SL2100 makes teams more reachable, more responsive and more productive.

Value for money - Powerful communications with a small business price tag that allows businesses to pay only for what they need. Completely scalable as their business grows.

Easy to use - Intuitive applications and features, that the whole team can easily use to empower them to be more productive. The easy installation also means there’s no downtime.

Keep connected - Single number reach, DECT mobile handsets, built-in conferencing and voicemail keep colleagues and customers up-to-date and connected.

Built-in applications - Includes an expanded and diverse portfolio of InApps. As well as providing compelling business benefits, these built-in/on-board apps require no external PC or server.

Verticals Markets Ideal for the SL2100

Small Hotels

Offers complete hotel room management with real-time status dashboard.

Plus guests can customize services from guestroom messaging, wake-up calls and ‘do not disturb’ and have one-touch access to important services.


Doctors’ offices, surgery centres, and other healthcare organizations receive a high volume of inquiries. Customized recorded messages give callers the option to route themselves to the right department.


Quickly handle incoming calls with ease. With Auto Attendant, callers can be given an automated option to a voicemail, e.g. ‘Press 1 to report your child as absent…’ Taking the pressure off receptionists and allowing workloads to be shared.


InHotel combines a complete and comprehensive Property Management System together with tightly integrated telephone system functionality.

Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, this easy to use platform is designed to increase staffs’ productivity, enhance the guest experience and significantly lower running costs.

And as one of NEC’s InApps - all the technology is built-in with no cost and maintenance of extra PC servers creating a highly attractive price point in combination with extremely low TCO.

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