Ascom d81 Protector MD NM PC

Ascom d81 is a durable and ruggedised DECT handset intended for professional users in demanding environments.

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Besides excellent telephony, its advanced messaging capabilities make it ideal for interacting with colleagues and even automated equipment. The Ascom d81 is available in a number of license dependent models – from a robust telephone with professional messaging (Messenger) to an advanced model with personal alarm capabilities (Protector).


  • Tough industrial handset
  • IP65 classified design
  • Enterprise-grade voice quality
  • Enhanced DECT security
  • Push to talk (PTT)
  • GAP/CAP compliant DECT handset
  • Shared phone1
  • Upgradeable by license
  • 18 default languages + 1 customisable
  • Man Down (included)
  • No Movement (included)
  • Pull cord support (included)


TRUST code


TRUST code: 75015
Description: Ascom d81 Protector MD NM PC Manufacturer Part no.: DH5-AABEAA

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