Ascom d63 Messenger

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Besides excellent telephony, its advanced messaging capabilities make it ideal for interacting with colleagues and even automated equipment. The Ascom d63 is available in a number of license dependent functionality models – from a robust handset for telephony only (Talker) to one that also supports with professional messaging (Messenger) and to an advanced model that includes personal alarm capabilities and infra-red location (Protector).


  • Wideband Audio
  • Centralised management
  • Easy registration
  • Interactive messaging
  • Priority handling of calls and messages
  • Shared phone
  • Push-to-talk (PTT)
  • Support for graphical messaging
  • 18 languages + 1 downloadable
  • User and system profiles
  • DECT location
  • Bluetooth
  • Dynamic output power
  • Color-coded messaging
  • Display messages upside down
  • Pre-programmed messages
  • Up to 5 Emergency numbers


TRUST code


TRUST code: 75018
Description: Ascom d63 Messenger Manufacturer Part no.: DH7-ABAA

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