KXAT7730NE Black

Includes RJ11 cord only.

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The all new KX-AT7730 is most productive, flexible and affordable Proprietary Telephone yet. It's simple but user friendly interface and programmable shortcut keys enable highly productive operations.


  • Call forwarding/  Do Not Disturb - Smoothly execute the Call Forwarding function. You can also block calls when you're busy
  • 16 characters x 1 line LCD - The LCD display with 1 line 16 characters is easy-to-read and shows the information clearly
  • Message - Even when the dialled extension is busy, or there is no answer, you can leave a message-waiting indication. You can also call back to the party who left the mesage-waiting indication with this button
  • Message/ ringer lamp - A large, easy-to-see lamp indicates virtually that there is an incoming call or message
  • Programmable Keys with Dual Colour LED - Enjoy one-touch operation of features such as Direct Station Selection (DSS), Log-In/ Log-Out, or voice mail transfer. The buttons are programmable and have a dual-colour LED that shows line status, extension status (BLF)
  • Navigator Key - Enables you to dial or talk without lifting the handset. As you talk, you can carry on working
  • Auto Dial/ Store - Let’s you make a call to the number assigned to the Speed Dial Number in just a few steps. Save time and effort by registering frequently called numbers
  • Auto Answer/ Mute - Make it possible to respond to incoming calls or mute the microphone by one touch. Never miss an important call even when tied up with work
  • Conference - Establish a multi-party conversation. Perfect for smaller meetings


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TRUST code: 12340
Description: KXAT7730NE Black Manufacturer Part no.: KX-AT7730NE-B