KX-TGP700 Single Cell Dect Wireless Phone System

KX-TGP700 Enhanced Smart IP Cordless Phone System.


KX-TGP700 Enhanced Smart IP Cordless Phone System.

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Challenging a traditional cabled segment, with enhanced feature sets and cordless capabilities. The TGP700 takes all the worries away. A single Ethernet to the base station is enough to cover large areas with either a cordless handset or a cordless desktop phone. No cabling is needed! When an increased coverage area is required the dedicated repeater will enhance its reach without taking handset capabilities away.

In the line up of the TGP700, there are a wide variety of handsets available. From two desktop phones (KX-TPA65 & KX-TPA68) to 5 cordless handsets (KX-TPA60, KX-TPA70, KX-TPA73, KXUDT121 & KX-UDT131).


  • Up to 16 handsets, 16 SIP accounts
  • Up to 16 concurrent calls (Narrowband)
  • Supports secure VoIP (SIPS/SIP-TLS, SRTP) and Opus codec
  • Supports UC features plus internal intelligence like BLF
  • Smart Repeater features


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TRUST code: 20506
Description: KX-TGP700 Single Cell Dect Wireless Phone System Manufacturer Part no.: KX-TGP700UKG

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