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SV8100 MyCalls Desktop 512 User Package

512 x User Licence for MyCalls Desktop

Effective call handling takes time. If less time is spent collecting the basic information to handle the call, such as accessing a customer record on a financial database or even locating and dialling the number, more time can be spent with the customer or more calls can be handled each day.

  • Full call control – Real-time views of other extension activity (Busy Lamp Field) from the desktop simplifies all telephone functions & saves time on basics like dialling & call transfer.
  • Presence – Provides bird’s eye view of your colleagues status and availability
  • Speeds Workflow – Callers are identified immediately, with screen-popped access to database records for faster, warmer, more efficient service
  • NEW! IM (Instant Messaging) – Ideal for urgent communications and quick responses
  • Action buttons – Create your own customizable shortcuts to websites, frequently used documents, service codes and speed dials - everything you need for a call is within clicking distance!

Part Number EU000100


Code Name
7496 SV8100 MyCalls Desktop 512 User Package


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